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In 2002, Mr. Hans-Peter Kohlhoff, after years of dedicated involvement in Business, Entrepreneurship, Education and Politics, determined there was a need for a company which offered solutions in all forms of these areas for individuals seeking to enter and to grow in a global marketplace. This need determination resulted in the birth of Beep International, Inc. The "B" is for Business, the "E" is for Entrepreneurial, the second "E" is for Education and the "P" is for Political.

In 2002, Jeffrey Leisses, William Leisses, and Peter W. Kohlhoff became stockholders and independent contractor associates serving as consulants for the divisions which matched their area of expertise.

In 2003, Kelly Christie joined Beep International, Inc. as an independent contractor associate and consultant for all Northern Hemisphere operations. She also serves as the executive assistant to Mr. Kohlhoff for Beep International Multi-Lingual Institute, Inc.

In 2004, Prairie Mertsching joined in the ownership of both companies and has been instrumental in providing leadership and direction for the company.

The company has a clear mission and a broad base of active, experienced officers which will ensure the company's growth and longevity.


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