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President, CEO
Hans-Peter Kohlhoff is fluent in both English and German. Mr. Kohlhoff is a German National who is now a United States citizen. Mr. Kohlhoff graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh with a German major and English minor. He has done extensive graduate work in English and Administration in Wisconsin.

Germany has been a primary destination for Mr. Kohlhoff. Since leaving Germany, he has returned fourteen times. During one of these visits, he studied at a Goethe Institute where he was placed in their most advanced level of study. Mr. Kohlhoff has been to most of the countries of Europe many times. He also has traveled extensively throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

In Wisconsin, Mr. Kohlhoff taught German and English in the public school system for over thirty-three years. He has also taught English in Arizona. He is a certified German and English teacher in both Arizona and Wisconsin.

Vice-President, COO

Prairie Mertsching is a Communications Graduate of Arizona State University. Graduating magna cum laude, she specialized in cross-cultural communication with an emphasis on developing strategies to improve business relations within a multicultural environment. Currently, Prairie is attending Arizona State University in pursuit of an M.A. in Justice Studies.

Proficient in both English and Spanish, she has traveled throughout central Mexico and the United States. Prairie grew up in a small town in northern Wisconsin. After high school graduation, she traveled throughout the northwest and southwest ending up in Phoenix to pursue her degree. Prairie recently spent several months in rural Jalisco, Mexico practicing Spanish and communication tactics.

Prairie has experience teaching ESL to adult students and specializing in 6-month English immersion tactics which advanced to literature comprehension. She has developed communication strategies working in the restaurant industry. Presently, Prairie is concentrating on Beep International Multi-lingual Institute, Inc. She is designing classes to meet the needs of corporate language issues. She aspires to eliminate many of the cross-cultural problems that may arise in a business due to language barriers.

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